To the Black Velvet Galleries of Indignico Inc.

The Sad and Scary Mexican Clowns of Indignico Inc. on Black Velvet
This On-Line Tijuana Black Velvet Painting Gallery features velvet paintings of Clowns--both The Sad Clowns painted on Black Velvet as well as The Scary Clowns painted on Black Velvet. Each painting in this gallery is an original work of Mexican black velvet Clown portraiture hand-painted in Tijuana, Mexico by a professional Mexican velvet elvis artist for the Patriot Portrait Collectibles black velvet portraiture series produced by Indignico Inc. and known worldwide as: "The Tijuana Black Velvet Standards of Indignico Inc. ~ Limitless Edition, Clown Division"

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ChildrensPartyCharlieCLOWN_OnBlackVelvet RedHeaded_RodeoCLOWN_OnBlackVelvet Blue The Red Headed Dude Ranch Rodeo Clown
A Sad Clown Hand-Painted in Tijuana, Mexico by L. Zamora for RODEO-CLOWN_OnBlackVelvet CLOWNFivehead_TheForeheadGEEK_OnBlackVelvet LoneliestFrench_CLOWN_OnBlackVelvet SadCLOWN_OfSelfPity_OnBlackVelvet CLOWNwithoutHOPE_OnBlackVelvet ClownOtherClownsWereScaredOf_OnBlackVelvet CLOWNwhoLOSThisMOJO_OnBlackVelvet CLOWNwhoNEVERmadeitBIG_OnBlackVelvet CLOWNnobodyLOVED_OnBlackVelvet CLOWNwhoWouldNEVERBeFINE_OnBlackVelvet