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Tijuana Black Velvet Paintings of American Celebrity Cowboys
This On-Line Tijuana Black Velvet Painting Gallery features paintings of AMERICAN CELEBRITY COWBOYS on Black Velvet which includes several paintings of John Wayne on black velvet and Clint Eastwood on black velvet as well as a few of velvet Charles Bronson and even a couple of the Country & Western-themed Black Velvet Elvis paintings. Each painting in this gallery is an original work of Mexican black velvet Celebrity Cowboy portraiture, hand-painted in Tijuana, Mexico by a professional Mexican velvet Elvis artist for the black velvet portraiture series produced by The Patriot Portrait Collectibles of Indignico Inc. and known worldwide as: "The Tijuana Black Velvet Standards of Indignico Inc. ~ Limitless Edition, Celebrity Cowboy Subset"

For Pricing Information, please write to us at -- sales@velvetpaintings.com And for Image Licensing information please write to us at -- licensing@velvetpaintings.com.

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