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The American Indian Black Velvet Paintings from Tijuana
This On-Line Tijuana Black Velvet Painting Gallery features velvet paintings of AMERICAN INDIANS and includes all three main types of The American Indian Black Velvet Painting: The Indian Chief on Black Velvet, The Indian Princess on Black Velvet and The Indian Warrior on Black Velvet, as well as a few velvet children, velvet squaws and velvet medicine men. Each painting in this gallery is an original work of Mexican black velvet Indian portraiture hand-painted in Tijuana, Mexico by a professional Mexican velvet elvis artist for the black velvet portraiture series produced by The Patriot Portrait Collectibles of Indignico Inc. and known worldwide as: "The Tijuana Black Velvet Standards of Indignico Inc. ~ Limitless Edition, Black Velvet Indians"

For Pricing Information, please write to us at -- sales@velvetpaintings.com And for Image Licensing information please write to us at -- licensing@velvetpaintings.com.

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