The Corporate History of The Patriot Portrait Collectibles of Indignico Inc.
The Patriot Portrait Collectibles
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The Corporate History of The Patriot Portrait Collectibles of Indignico Inc.

We launched our maiden product line of limited-edition collectible black velvet paintings in San Diego at the Republican National Convention on August 10th 1996.
This initial series Patriot Portrait Collectible presidential-style black velvet paintings was called "The Limited-Issue Velvet Republicans: The 1996 Conventional Collection" and featured such beloved patriotic GOP luminaries as Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, Colin Powell, Pete Wilson, Jack Kemp and many many more. That same week we also introduced another series of Limited-Issue Velvet Republicans called "The Presidential Gallery Collection," which featured--from over 200 years of democracy--some of the very best Republicans ever!! People like: George H.W. Bush, The Father, George W. Bush, The Son,, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon,, and even Honest Abe Lincoln! And every single one of them on Black Velvet!

Each genuine Patriot Portrait Collectible Limited-Issue Velvet Republican is an original presidential-style portrait lovingly hand-painted on Black Velvet in Tijuana, Mexico by an authentic professional Mexican black velvet Elvis artist, and like nature's own snowflake, no two are exactly alike--whether it's Newt Gingrich de Jorge #434 or Dick Cheney de Ramirez #309... each one is an All-American Original!

Each genuine All-American original Patriot Portrait Collectible presidential-style black velvet painting from Indignico Inc. comes complete with a hand-numbered Certificate-of-Authenticity.

All legitimate and genuine Certificates-of-Authenticity from Indignico Inc. are printed on high-quality faux-parchment and from the moment you've chosen your own personal particular Limited-Issue Velvet Republican presidential-style portrait, your Curator-Of-Sales will put your velvet portrait through our rigorous authentification process. First he will carefully match-number your chosen painting to its specific Certificate-of-Authenticity--entirely by hand--and then your Curator-Of-Sales will promptly hand-number the Certificate for your painting and then--witnessed by an Indignico Inc. corporate executive--immediately hand-date it before finally staking his entire career on the authenticity of your painting, he signs the certificate and hands both painting and certificate off to the next level in the process--upper management; and from there your painting's provenance is in the capable corporate hands of an Indignico Inc. corporate executive, who despite having witnessed the entire process thus far, still painstakingly crunches the numbers for your painting and certificate himself, and if all goes well with this complex mathematical match-number verification process, the Indignico Inc. executive adds his own signature to the document and then finally he concludes the authentification process by embossing the certificate for your velvet portrait with the Indignico Inc. Tamper-Proof Golden Corporate Seal. And there, that does it--it is then and only then that you have finally, officially, become the proud owner of a genuine authenticated Patriot Portrait Collectible Limited-Issue presidential-style black velvet portrait from Indignico Inc.--a guaranteed investment!

And it is exactly this gratuitous and arduous authentification process that makes the purchase of your genuine Patriot Portrait Collectible original hand-painted black velvet limited-edition painting from Tijuana, Mexico such an instant family heirloom to be cherished for generations to come!!

Our Corporate History?

Glad you asked: In 1996 at The Republican National Convention our initial product launch met with a frenzy of national media attention. The Limited-Issue Velvet Republicans were featured in all the major news media outlets, from Life Magazine and U.S. News & World Report to Mtv and The National Enquirer. In fact, you can still hear an interview on-line that was conducted at the G.O.P. Convention back in 1996 by Linda Wortheimer of NPR's "All Things Considered"...

Click Here to hear Linda Worthheimer speaking with Indignico Inc. (Temp.) Head Curator-Of-Sales Ricardo Molina at the 1996 Republican National Convention

But that was waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1996. What have we been doing with ourselves since then?

Glad you asked: We've been making art--more art and more art. The last nine years have given rise to several brand-new Patriot Portrait Collectible limited-edition Tijuana velvet portraiture collections

Patriot Portrait Collectibles - No American Citizen Should Be without One

1. The American Tabloid Heroes
Modern American Media Martyrs on Black Velvet

A limited-edition series of Patriot Portrait Collectibles featuring today's best Modern American Media Martyrs. Unassuming citizens featured for well over their alotted fifteen minutes on the American airwaves. People such as: Monica Lewinsky, O.J. Simpson, Bill Gates, Jon Benet Ramsey, Jesse "The Governor" Ventura, John Kennedy Jr., Ear-Chompin' Mike Tyson, Winona Ryder, Martha Stewart, Osama Bin Laden and Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger, as well as many, many more.

And Brand new this last year...

2. "The ALL-NEW Anything Goes 2004 Re-Election Collection"
The Latest in Limited-Issue Velvet Republicans!

This collection of presidential-style limited-issue velvet Republican portraiture painted on black velvet features the esteemed collectible mugs of such GOP luminaries as these: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Condaleeza Rice, Karl Rove and, as ever, many many more.

But HOLD THE PHONE JACK!, some of you may even now be thinking: What about all of the Tijuana Black Velvet Elvises????

3. "The Tijuana Black Velvet Standards of Indignico Inc., Limitless Edition"

First of all it is "ELVII"; and second of all--Fine, fine, fine: Indignico Inc. will--despite the ethical and aesthetic dilemmas involved--traffic in all of The Standard Tijuana Black Velvet Paintings, such as: the sad Jesus Christs, the sad clowns, the scary clowns, sad unconscious virgins and their sad, sacrificing Aztec Boyfriends, the sad elvises, and the other elvii in the other moods, the gambling house pets and the card-playing zoo animals and many many more; however, these paintings are not to be considered genuine Patriot Portrait Collectibles by anyone and as such will not be coming complete with a genuine Indignico Inc. Certificates-of-Authenticity.

We provide discreet access to such paintings as these strictly as a service to our clients and would prefer it if our clients did not mention it to anyone as we have an international reputation to keep ip.

We mean up.

Becoming a Black Velvet Painting Owner


During your time browsing our galleries, should you happen stumble upon a particular black velvet painting that You MUST HAVE--then please by all means--have it. And to do that, the first step is towrite to us and ask if it's in stock. If it is--That velvet painting can become Your black velvet painting.

Most of our Tijuana Black Velvet Standards including almost all of the Black Velvet Elvii sell for $75 + $10s/h. And if you would like to add a frame as well, then choose any 18"x24" frame that you've seen on our site and simply add $50 to your total (plus additional s/h). We carry several varieties--The Tijuana Hand-Carved Wooden Rustico, The Simple Two-Tone Gold, The Ornate Gold, The Silver and The CherryWood, and many others.

Thank you for your visit and your interest. We hope to hear from you and sell you many fine black velvet paintings very soon now.

Write to us with your questions, requests and/or custom black velvet painting requests or portraiture commissions:

Email us at:

Patriot Portrait Collectibles OF INDIGNICO INC.

No American Citizen Should Be Without One.


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